overview we are a multi-city community focusing on boston, nyc, and philadelphia. given that these cities are within hours of each other, our hope is that players can find a home that suits their characters' needs and desires while also having the freedom to realistically interact with characters outside of their city limits. characters are to reside within the major metropolitan area of the three cities.

journals journals should consist of your character's name in some variation, with no extra letters or symbols. we require that everyone has a public friends only post and an ooc contact post. though it's not required, we recommend leaving your character's biography public so that current and potential members can make connections and increase your chances for storylines and interaction.

we reserve the right to deny additional characters or ask you to drop characters if we feel you are not active with the one(s) you already have.

activity activity periods begin on the 1st of every month and end on the last day. we require half of your activity to be completed by the 15th, and the remaining half by the end of the month. if you essentially complete all of your activity between the 1st - 15th, you will still be required to make an additional post afterwards. this is to ensure that the friends page keeps moving and that not all activity is being completed at the last minute.

we require one subcommunity post, and one journal post. journal posts can be a standard entry, a narrative, or creative. entries/narratives must be a minimum of 400 words. creative entries, such as instagram or playlists, should reflect equivalent effort. while we encourage scenes, effective 10/01/16, we will no longer be accepting these towards activity.

activity also involves commenting and keeping your friends list up-to-date. we reserve the right to remove you if we feel you are doing the bare minimum. all activity must be dropped off to the mod journal or it will not be counted. we will not mark off activity for public posts until you have responded to comments.

pbs all pbs and characters must be at least 18. characters must be within five years of your pb's actual age. your pb should be identifiable with a quick google search, but feel free to ask if you're not sure if a certain face would be permitted. changing faces is permitted on a case by case basis and you must make a request in the members dropbox.

hiatuses & extensions extensions last one week only and you may not use them two months in a row. hiatuses should not exceed two weeks and anything longer will be handled on a case by case basis. hiatus means no activity from any of your characters and we should not see you on aim or in pbads.