our contest for the month of june will be the eastside hunger games. members have been assigned to districts within the hunger games canon. each district will have a "lounge," or a post where teammates can strategize in character to earn points and also to socialize! we will keep track of the points in the hunger games tally page, linked below. the contest will run from 12:00 am june 1st through 11:59 pm june 30th.

general: • each week, we will be eliminating the three lowest scoring teams. however, they will be considered sponsors from then on and are able to still earn points. sponsors will have the opportunity to donate their points to members who are still competing, therefore having a strong influence on the game. while they will be unable to win the hunger games, they can still earn fun swag and bragging rights at the end of the competition.
• districts have been randomly assigned and new members will be added at random throughout the month. we will do our best to keep the districts even.
participation is optional! please respect other members' choice if they prefer not to participate or do additional activity.
• only ic activity on the friends page counts for points, with the exception of ~pbads.

drop-off: • all links must be dropped off in your district's drop-off post to be counted towards the totals. links for your district's drop-off will be found on the hunger games tally page.
• if you have links that are not dropped off by elimination days on the 9th, 16th, and 23rd, you will still earn points but may not prevent your district from being eliminated. if your district is eliminated, your points will go towards sponsoring instead. please keep in mind, there are only two of us to tally everything, so your cooperation is appreciated.

activity rooms: • if you host an activity room, such as, you must advertise these in the tracked post at least four hours before the activity. these rooms must be available to all members.
• because there is a post specifically for alerting members to the rooms, we will not be allowing any ~newyorknewyork posts specifically advertising rooms to count towards points. you may choose to post this and can still earn points for hosting, but you will not earn any points for the post itself and any comments made to these posts are not eligible for points.
• a unique comment thread on a member's entry. you may comment hop but you will only receive one point per member you comment. be mindful of hopping in posts that are not considered free for alls. no maximum, but comments must have been made to a post that is no more than three days old.

• a post to ~newyorknewyork in addition to your monthly activity. maximum 1 per week.
• a post in ~pbads for specific lines/faces. you must respond to any comments you receive from non-members. maximum 1 per day.
• completing a prompt in addition to your monthly activity. these will count separately from and can be written in addition to the 5-point options below. maximum 2 per month.
• for participating in a community activity such as rooms or cards against humanity. you must drop a link to a screenshot as proof of joining. no maximum.

• a blog-style entry in your journal in addition to your monthly activity. posts to your journal must meet the typical update requirements. maximum 1 per week.
• an html/css heavy creative post in addition to your monthly activity. maximum 1 per week.
• a thread with a minimum of 5 quality responses each. no maximum.
• hosting a community activity such as rooms or cards against humanity. maximum of 2 per month.

10 • posting 5 days in a row in pbads, can be earned up to 6 times.
10 • dropping off 5 scenes that meet requirements.
15 • posting 4 new york new york posts in the month.
20 • posting 4 entries.
20 • posting 4 creative posts.
25 • for maxing out two or more of the above categories.

if your character does something that is not listed here but you think should count for points, please feel free to ask us about it!